St Elizabeth’s

Catholic Primary School

"As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience..” Colossians

30 Ranworth Road

Vision & Values

Our Vision
Create a vibrant Catholic school which is Christ centred involving the parish, school and wider community that is highly regarded for our academic excellence and contribution in actively serving the community in which we pray, work, live and play.

Our Mission Statement
As a community of learners: parents, staff and students we strive for excellence, fostering the full potential of each individual, developing confident, respectful and independent learners. As we journey together with Christ, we seek to share the joy and wonder of learning through celebrating God’s love in our lives.

Core Values
Our Core Values are Charity, Service, Humility and Compassion.

“As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience..” Colossians

St Elizabeth’s Catholic Community is centred on and in Christ. Our faith in Christ is nurtured and nourished through the sacraments, most especially the Eucharist. We take ownership to share, respect and respond to others through unlimited love and kindness especially the marginalized.

St Elizabeth Catholic School Aims to:

  • deliver excellence in education to enable our students to become successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals.
  • acknowledge parents as the primary educators of their children. They are informed and encouraged to share the responsibility of their child’s education.
  • cultivate a safe, secure and happy environment where staff, parents and students work as a team to maximize our learning potential.
  • foster an open and welcoming partnership to strengthen relationships; a sense of belonging with home, school, parish and the wider community.

Our School Motto is Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

Our Catholic mission is to always be faithful to the Gospel teachings and accept our Christian responsibility to share our gifts in service of community through works of charity, peace and justice.

Our School Prayer

Dear Jesus

Saint Elizabeth brought care to the sick,

food to the hungry and hope to those in need.

Grant us the blessing that we may follow in her footsteps

with love and joy in our heart,

to always be faithful and to serve with humility and compassion.


School Crest
Our School Crest is a profile portrait of Saint Elizabeth wearing a crown.

School Colours
Our school colours have been chosen for both their religious symbolism and in reference to our patron, Saint Elizabeth of Hungry.

RED in our Liturgical Calendar is associated with Pentecost and the Holy Spirit and symbolises the presence of God. It also marks the birth of the Christian Church. Historically red is associated with sacrifice and courage which Saint Elizabeth demonstrated throughout her life.

GREY in our Liturgical Calendar signifies Lent. It is also the colour associated with self-reliance, patience, perseverance, compassion and care. These attributes reflect Saint Elizabeth’s commitment to the sick, the hungry and those in need.

WHITE in our Liturgical Calendar symbolises purity and holiness and is the colour of Easter and Christmas; the birth and resurrection of Jesus. White is the colour of new beginnings, complete and pure. Saint Elizabeth strived to be ‘Always Faithful’ to Christ through her devotion to prayer and her care and compassion towards those who needed her tender, loving care.